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HydroLoc is a GIS-based toolset to estimate and analyse the small and medium hydropower potentials. It uses digital terrain data, hydrographic and landuse data, as well as hydrologic models to identify and rank potential power plant sites of various design capacity with a high resolution for entire countries, regions or catchments.

HydroLoc results are presented problem-oriented in maps and tables. The following standard informations are generated:

  • Overview maps showing hydroelectric potential river by river for the selected region.
  • Hydroelectric potential maps showing potentials, and including limiting factors in the analysis, such as already developed sites, protected areas, etc.
  • Detailed Indicative maps of hydropower plant sites, of a chosen design capacity, including ranking results for preferential site development.
  • Characterization of each potential power plant in a Site report containing detailed technical, hydrological, economical and ecological information.

Visualisation tools:

  • Digital Atlas containing all generated documents in PDF format
  • WebGIS with ArcGIS Server
  • Google Earth Application