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The publicly accessible GIS-enabled web platform ( serves the purpose of coordinating the activities related to the combatting of neophytes performed by a variety of actors in the canton of Aargau. The application includes a user-management system for which the registration is free of charge. Users not registered with the system can access an interactive map with search capabilities. Registered users can participate in the evolution of the map by adding areas of observed or combatted neophyte populations. Registered users are organized in small group each of which is lead by a coordinator. The coordinator acts as a primary contact persons for technical and conceptual issues.

The client side of the project is based on the Javascript-Framework ArcGIS-Viewer Light (from the ALG). The server side architecture holds a distributed data service. The geographic data is accessed from an ArcGIS-Server. The data representing the content of the application is held an a MS SQL Server which is interfaced to the web using ASP.NET.

Client: Kanton Aargau, Abteilung Landschaft und Gewässer (ALG)
Date: 2012
Duration (month): 12
Software: SQL-Server
ArcGIS Server
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